Here at Indigo, we love creativity and needless to say, so do our founders.
Here's a quick look at the people who bring Indigo Hippo to life each and every day. 

ALISHA BUDKIE  executive director
Alisha is an artist, she has a bunny named Cilantro, and she really likes people. From co-founding Crafty Supermarket to running Second Sunday on Main, she has focused her life on building resources for the community and bringing people together. She used to make shoes, now she makes nonprofits and spends as much time as possible in the woods.  

Why Indigo Hippo? 
When my life has been hard, it has been my connection with other people, my passion, and my sense of self, that have made all the difference. I want to make those things more accessible and approachable for everyone

Words To Live By
"To live a creative life we must lose our fear of being wrong." - Joseph Chilton Pearse


EMILY FARISON  storefront director
After graduating from DAAP with a degree in Fine Arts/Ceramics, Emily committed to a year of service with AmeriCorp’s VISTA program. Through this time, she supported the growth of her service site, Cincinnati’s CityLink Center, and has since continued to invest in projects and local businesses that center around bringing people together, making art, and sharing creativity.

Why Indigo Hippo?
Creativity and connecting with others are necessary to my being. Indigo Hippo is where they become one. 

Why is Creative Reuse so important?
Creative reuse keeps good materials from becoming waste, and allows us to spread creativity by passing on materials we don’t need or won’t use to someone who will bring them new life.

What are your favorite non-traditional materials?
Rusty found objects, hot glue, paint chips

Current Motto
Be kind.

Amy (1).jpg

AMY TUTTLE director of programming
Amy is a community artist.  She loves exploring the connections between creativity, community, and healing.   She sees art-making as a great tool for communities to recover from traumatic experiences, build resilience, and restore a sense of community pride.  Her work with Arts & Healing has taken her around the world.  She’s led professional trainings & workshops, developed curricula for arts-based programming, and offered public art installations in Cincinnati, Haiti, India, Philadelphia, New Orleans, and Chicago.  Amy also really loves exploring nature and can often be found hiking in the beautiful woods that surround her neighborhood, in Price Hill.                                   

Why Indigo Hippo?
Amy thinks creative expression is essential to being alive!  It helps us to connect deeply and build a sense of resilience.  Making artistic expression more accessible to the region through creative reuse and great programming is core to Indigo's mission and she loves that!

Words to Live By
"What you can plan is too small for you to live. What you can live wholeheartedly will make plans enough for the vitality hidden in your dreams."  - David Whyte


REGINA MIDDLETON  board member
Regina is a designer. She works out ideas with her hands. Her work philosophy is “think to make; make to think". When not busy making, she climbs trees, composes music, practices permaculture, has a penchant for storytelling, and personally identifies with the color purple.

Why Indigo Hippo? 
Because none of us are on our own. We can share our experience through creativity.

Spirit Animal
The sea turtle. On the sand, he is passive and thoughtful.
Once in the water, he is graceful and fast.

Current Motto
Don't feel shame for being aware of your body, your mind, and the world around you. 
Remain sensitive.

Why art?
As a designer, I'm used to justifying every decision. Every aspect of an object needed a reason. In art, I can lean instead on what feels right. My mind can still think. I can still puzzle out the reasons. But at the end of the day, if my heart knows, that is enough.